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A Mountain Bike Special Feature:

mountain bikeIn a world of increasing pressures from work and family, often we need to find a way of relaxing and keeping in good physical shape. We could all go to the Gym, husband, wife, kids, pets,etc. How stress-full would that be?

So, how about hiring or buying a mountain bike? You can get bikes to fit all sizes these days, with a variety of specifications and prices to suit your budget. Then after some training to asses ability, off you go and find some fairly easy trails and tracks to practice on. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly young kids grasp the fundamentals of riding a mountain bike off- road.

Recently my wife and I took three grandkids to France for a holiday. We had already told the eldest two, Joe, 8 and Eva,7 that we would be taking their bikes with us in the car. Once we had arrived and settled in, we unloaded their bikes and I dug mine out from the garage, and off we went on anmountain bikeadventure. we had a wild ol' time. We peddled down the lane from our house and rode over the narrow bridge (just one car wide) and up the trail into the forest. After a steady climb, the going got a little flatter which gave us chance to catch our breath. On along this gravel track with a few more up's and down's, after another mile or so we came to a dead-end, so we turned and peddled all the way back to the house, just far enough for their first real go on a  mountain bike, on a proper trail.

A really great way to keep fit whilst having loads of fun with the kids.

P.S. I know, it wasn't that long a ride for an adult but for two little-un's it was quite far enough. They both slept soundly that night....

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