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Mountain biking is a extreme sport that takes a lot of courage and practice. It can involve high speeds going downhill to extremely slow trying to go uphill. Mainly extreme mountain biking can be broken down into 5 categories.

There are different type bikes for the extreme mountain biking that you will choose to do. Downhill, mountain and cross country bikes are built for the specific type of biking.

Downhill bike racing is where you start at the stop and continue down the course. Sometimes it is on a sky slope during the summer time. Speed and agility is certainly a factor when trying this type of mountain biking.

mountain bikingDirt jumping mountain biking. Where stunts are performed while traveling downhill. The biker performs jumps and spin while jumping and traveling downhill on the bike.

Cross county mountain biking are on courses that are 30 miles or longer. They perform on roughed and rough surfaces.

Bike trails are where the course is set up and down hill and on various types of terrain. You have to be able to balance your bike going over boulders and stumps.

Street riding is the third where you ride on urban streets and on urban terrain. This had become very popular over the last few years.

Extreme mountain biking takes a lot of practice and is extremely dangerous. It should not be done by beginners. You should look at the conditions before you begin to ride. If it is muddy or raining or going over streams you should use caution.

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