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Mountain biking is a heart pounding, unbelievably exciting outdoor sports. Mountain biking simply is riding a bicycle off the tracks. It is an off road, off rules, one of a kind adventure. Get ready for rough terrains and edgy paths when you mountain bike. Mountain biking requires a special kind of adapted bicycle with extra features and durability designed for rough terrains.

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There are different types of mountain biking.

Cross Country or XC - This is probably the most popular form of mountain biking. XC means you get to ride from point A to point B . Climbing and descending in a variety of terrains in loops could also be called cross country mountain biking. A cross country bike typically weighs around 9-10 kilos.

All mountain - An AM bike is usually bigger than the XC one. It has a larger rear and front suspension travel and suspension components than the XC bike.

Downhill - Obviously, downhill mountain biking means riding a mountain bike, well, downhill. The rider does not necessarily have to travel to the point of descent by cycling. You could have yourself lifted through a sky lift or a car because a downhill bike is heavier than ordinary ones which will make it difficult to climb .

Four Cross or Dual Slalom - is a kind of mountain bike racing which places riders on separate tracks with identical man made obstacles.

Freeride - It's a do anything you want kind of discipline in mountain biking. There is also a special kind of freeride bike. Freeride riders must have more skills and aggressiveness than the cross country riders.

Dirt Jumping - this is riding bikes on mounds of dirt or soil then fly. The goal here is to gain enough speed to be able to take off and land without bruises. Bikes must be mountain biking smaller and easier to maneuver. It must also be simpler than other kinds of mountain bikes because when a rider crash, few components are to be broken.

Trials - Simply put, a rider goes after trial after trial. This consists of obstacles that require hopping and jumping without touching your foot on the ground. You have to have excellence sense of balance to master this form.

Urban or street - This could also be called as urban BMX or freestyle BMX. This is a very popular form of biking done many times in front of a watchful audience. Riders must perform tricks by jumping over man-made objects. This requires a lot of practice or else it may injure the rider.

Mountain Bike Touring - with a mountain bike like Salsa and Fargo, a rider tours a long distance dirt road or track. Trails like the Great Divide Trail and the Colorado Trail are available for mountain bike touring.

There are a lot of mountain biking forms to practice. Though mountain biking is always fun. But it does have some risks. Everyone must be careful to avoid injuries. Protective gears and fitness are some factors very important in mountain biking. Play safe and have fun!

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