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A hybrid mountain bike is a bike that is designed to be ridden on mountainous terrain but can also be used on smooth surfaces and rode like a regular bike. Essentially, it is a combination of both a mountain bike and a road bike.

The design of the hybrid mountain bike comes from a combination of both the mountain and road bike. From the mountain bike, the hybrid has its brakes, handlebars, and gears. From the road bike it takes its larger rims and wider tire. The combination of these features allows for sturdiness when trekking over rough terrain and speed when riding on flat roads.

The hybrid mountain bike usually comes in different variations as well. Some of these are the trekking bike; which usually has mudflaps and lighting, the commuter bike which is used for going over short distances but still has all of the features of a hybrid bike, and the comfort bike which is patterned after the old coasters or roadsters.

hybrid mountain bikeThe hybrid mountain bike has become so popular these days due to the boom in extreme sports and outdoor adventure activities. The biggest draw of a hybrid bike is its versatility. Most off terrain bikes are not fit to ride on regular roads. They usually have compact wheels and tires that are made for traversing rocks and rough terrain. A hybrid bike has the combination of both an off road and regular bike that allows for it to be used on any surface that a person deems to ride on.

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