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Hey Mountain bikers! Before you start swiping that precious card of yours, stop and read these mountain bike reviews to get you familiarized with the different models out there. This will serve as a quick guide for our dearest bike enthusiasts.
Good quality mountain bikes were released this year. Learn more about them and choose the right one for you.

Yellow-turquoise YETI 525. This is a modification of Yeti's 525 trail bike. Now, it is more durable during long distance travel. The feel and ride of the bike wouldn't change for even a long period of traveling. The weight also increased to seven pounds because of the modification of its chainstays. They also made the main pivot a little bit stiffer but provided it with more clearance. Riders must now supply it with a direct mount for the front derailleur.

Felt 2011 from Felt Edict LTD. The all-new Felt 2011 has a single-pivot design that offers a stronger lateral firmness. Without the extra pivot and the associated hardware, the mountain bike went 5.5 pounds down. Felt Edict LTD also offers cheap aluminum models and a new carbon model with both framesets at 5.5 pounds.

Cube Bike XMS. If you want a racer bike with a light and tight feel, then go for the mountain bikeCube Bike XMs. You have to be really patient to tune its rear shock though. The cockpit of the cube is the most noticeable . It is a 640mm-wide riser bar and long 100mm stem. Bike radar claims that because of this cockpit, the XMS has a racy and retro feel. It would be excellent in going up and down through hills but is doubtful to be able to twist and turn immediately around trees.

Norco Range. This one might be expensive . But you'll win at impressing your friends with its design. A beautifully curved stem as its apple. The Norco Range employs its company's Advance Ride Technology or ART. This technology lets the rear wheel absorb square-edged hits by allowing it to move backwards. ART also improves its performance during breaking by reducing the pedal bob.

2011 Cannondale Jekyll. The Jekyll is back! It has been a legend over time and Cannondale decided to bring it back to the market. The new Jekyll now has an adjustable pull shock that could climb like a cross country bike and move downhill like a mountain monster. The pull shock could be adjusted from 90mm to 150mm on the rear end. It even has a separate damping, rebound, and compression circuits. What more could you ask for?

Santa Cruz V10 Carbon. The Santa Cruz is now more stable during drops because of its 9.1 pounds decrease in weight. Many racers have proved that the decrease is very much effective since they have won with the new Santa Cruz. Basically, the heavy aluminum was replaced with carbon making it lighter, than ever.

Whether it's the Norco or the Santa Cruz, you have to select carefully as this bike will be your investment to a nice recreational activity. Buy a bike that will last the longest. And it's not about the price or the design that matters; choose the one that will best fit you and you want to do with it. These brief mountain bike reviews might just be the key to help you figure that out.

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