The new 2011 Kona Unit Mountain Bike

A Featured Article On The Kona Mountain Bike:

Take a good look at the 2011 Kona Unit mountain Bike. mountain bikeIt's a no nonsense, fully rigid, cromoly steel, singlespeed big wheeler. The ultimate answer for those looking to capitalize on the simplicity of a mountain bike that's put together incredibly well.

Kona Mountain Bike Spec:

New for 2011, the Unit features an improved set of sliding dropouts, a drastically improved fork, with bigger, more tapered fork blades. A custom designed WTB Valcon saddle, new race light lock on grips, chainstays and a slacker head tube angle result in a better everything bike that's quick, stable and super nimble. This is only one example of the 2011 collection that can be viewed at Check out their site for more info on the complete range of mountain bikes.

Kona mountain bikes for the serious offroad biker....

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The Mountain Bike Rocks.

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