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Everyone takes into consideration thoughts and opinions others have about everything. For example, if you are looking to buy a great mountain bike you can trust and rely on, you collect opinions from people who already have one. If someone tells you it is a big let down, you wont want to purchase it, even if it is on sale. However, if someone tells you they have the amazing mountain bikes that has even better quality than what they expected, you would pay anything to have one too. Mountain bikes are a great tool for exercising and having fun, you will soon know the top selling mountain bikes.

Starting with the Trek Fuel EX 8, it handles like a charm and has 5 inches of shocks on both the front and rear tires. It makes pedaling a breeze because it’s so smooth going over rugged terrains. Even though this amazing ride has great things about it, it has a downfall of the tire not gripping the way we would want when making turns.

mountain bikesKona Cadabra is the next top selling mountain bike which is best for rocky trails. The frame is extremely sturdy and handle amazingly when going downhill. Other top selling bikes include the KHS XC 604 which is more for beginners who don't want to spend too much money, Trek 4300 Disc that comes with disc instead of V-Syle breaks for better stopping, and the Specialized Hardrock Sport that has the ability to withstand objects that leave deep dents and gashes. All types would be a great pick depending on what you want out of your mountain bikes.

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