TREK FUEL EX 9.9 Mountain Bike Review

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Mountain Bike TREK FUEL EX 9.9 climbs well without so much pedaling behind the climb. It is also easy to maneuver over ledges. Its twenty-four pound weight makes the bike easier to ride uphill. On trails where rocks, and bumps are the limiting factor to speed, the EX 9.9 performance is excellent.

This bike is made for the cross country trail rider who wants to have those all day excursions. Getting up to speed on this bike takes less work.

TREK FUEL EX 9.9 Mountain Bike on rocky, tree root trails, highlight the benefits of the shock and ABP. The EX 9.9's rear wheel remained stuck to the ground and the suspension didn't show any deadness mid-stroke, and is not bothered by braking. Rocky trails shows that the new frame gives an advantage when it comes to different situations where the stiffness is the only thing preventing a wipeout.

From suspension action and frame feel to technical advancement, this bike is the ultimate mountain bikemountain bike. The rear suspension, a FOX Float shock with a large volume air sleeve giving a linear spring curve. The rear is Trek's ABP, placing the rear pivot concentric with the axle. The ABP is the Active Braking Pivot. This eliminates rotation of the caliper. This keeps the suspension active under any kind of braking forces.

This bike is for those long days of trail climbing and gives you the sense of adventure descending down that mountain. You can almost sit back and let your hair down, letting the bike do the rest.

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