YETI 575 Mountain Bike Review

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The YETI 575 Mountain Bike is famous for its lightweight and ability to climb and descend down mountains The 575 of the bike is the 5.75inches of rear travel that is made for those long trips.

It is made of aluminum tubes which are used for boosting strength and taking away the bulk of the bike. This bike is made for the daredevil drop offs. This bikes shocks and suspensions keep the riding comfortable, but yet adventurous. The suspension is made from a single pivot with carbon flex stays on the seat to keep it in place.

The chain is made to where it will stay even in heavy pedaling periods. The YETI 575 Mountain Bike can take a turn without slowing the bike down.

Once you are ready to descend down that mountain that is when the 575 comes into play. mountain bikeThe rear suspension makes this trip smoother than ever. This bike lets you hop without breaking like other bikes do. Just remember at the top before you descend down you may need to tweek your bike a bit, and then bring it on down.

This bike is guaranteed to be the only bike you ever need for those trail days. Yes, this bike may cost a bit more than you want to pay, but in the long run, it will be the only bike you ever need. The YETI 575 Mountain Bike is the bike to be had if you are hard on bikes. It can withstand any abuse you put it through.

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Long live the Mountain Bike.

The Mountain Bike Rocks.


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