Things To Consider When You Buy A Mountain Bike

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If you are thinking of buying a mountain bike there are some things you should consider before doing so. Here are 8 things to consider before you go out and buy one.

1.What type of mountain bike you want. There are many types out there and some include cross-country, all mountain, downhill, and freeride. Consider what type of terrain you will be riding the bike on and then consider if you want a full-suspension, hard tail, or rigid mountain bike.

2. Consider is how much you want to spend on the mountain bike. Make some sort of price range and stick to it.

3. Look at some magazines and websites and read some mountain bike reviews. Find out what other people think are the best types of bikes to buy.

4. Consider that features you want your bike to have such as Disc brakes or V-brakes, and how many gears you want the bike to have.

5. Visit some local stores, shop around and always ask questions.

6. Test ride the mountain bike and make sure that it feels comfortable when you are riding it. Test ride more than one bike to make sure you get the right comfort level.

mountain bike7. If any part of the bike is not feeling right such as the pedals, grips, or seats see if you can replace them with different features. Most stores are willing to do this at no extra charge.

8. Try to see if the store or website will come down in price. Mountain bikes like most other things are usually marked up for profit.

Riding a mountain bike can be a lot of fun if you have the right features on the bike and it is comfortable to ride.

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