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Riding a mountain bike is one of the greatest ways of staying healthy. Riding a mountain bike can also be fun, but dangerous at the same time. It is hard enough to ride a bike on the road, but mountain biking is even more strenuous and dangerous. Here are some tips for riding that bike up or down a mountain.

Safety is first. Always wear a helmet. Make sure your helmet is snug and secure before leaving. If it doesn't fit correctly, your helmet will not protect correctly. Make sure you bring a water bottle to keep your body hydrated on the hike up the mountain.

Next, is know what your bicycle is capable of. A mountain bike is designed for dirt trails or unpaved areas. They have a sturdier frame with fatter tires. They even have powerful brakes for tough terrain such as rocks, tree roots, and hills.

Also, travel in pairs. It is always safe to have a buddy in case something happens. If you have fallen and can't walk your buddy can go and get someone especially in a case of mountain bikeemergency.

Shifting your mountain bike doesn't mean you have to ride in a high a gear. This makes riding hard and can damage leg joints. Anticipate shifting by keeping an eye on the trail ahead, and downshift before you need to. Shifting the bicycle frequently will not wear it out any faster and provides your mountain ride a safer journey.

Remember it is okay to stop and push the mountain bike if you become uncomfortable. If it becomes to steep or has a huge dropoff, don't try to impress your friends, impress yourself and stay safe.

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